The Making of the 2016 BHCARA BHC Memory Quilt

Since we started our presentation and displays back in 2012, the BHCARA had shown the Ontario and the Alberta Memory Quilts non stop. With the expense and the liability of shipping these quilts back and forth, in 2014, the BHCARA decided to have our own quilt commissioned. It is amazing to finally see this dream come true and we are excited and beyond to have this beautiful quilt for our 2016 show season. The material the images are printed on are color fast and crease proof  material, therefore significantly reducing the chances of hurting the quilt by moving it around. There has been so much interest, maybe one day, a second quilt.

Past exhibits with the 2010 Ontario and Albert Memory Quilts

JoAnn Clark determined the order the squares would appear on the quilt. 

JoAnn with the first hanging of the quilt! Photo credit: Carol Wagg