Our Lost Children

MacGregor Cemetery,  Manitoba - Herbert Owens

Herbert died of  gangrene after his feet were severely frost bitten. He is buried here in an unmarked grave.  He was only 11 years old. 
British Home Children in Canada

St. George's Home Children  memorialized in the 
 Notre Dame Cemetery, Ottawa, Ontario

Johanna Reilly, died 1915 age 18 Margaret Healey died 1917 age 17 Nellie Lambert, died 1918, age 18 Richard Gardener, died 1919, age 26; Charles Neale, died 1919, age 17; Dorothy Wellington, died 1919, age 19; Mary Hunter, died 1921, age 14; Mary Woodhall, died 1925, age 18; Doris Evrett, died 1925, age 17; Honora Wood, died 1926, age 21; Elizabeth Noon-Cruise, died 1926, age 24;  S. Winnifred G. Baker, died 1926, age 18; Ellen Murphy, died 1928, age 21; Elizabeth Onions, died 1929, age 18 William Flannagan, died 1929, age 16 Robert Dowse, died 1909, age 16 Ethel Stone, died 1916, age 16 Mary Kelleher, died 1917, age 24; Margaret Sparks, died 1924, age 23; John Berry, died 1929, age 30 Mary King-Sabourin, died 1929, age 33; Percy Hyde, died 1932, age 25; Florence Deluka, died 1933, age 34.  

Princeton Cemetery near Paris, Ontario - a small marker for George Frost who was murdered. Flowers placed on behalf of the BHCARA on decoration day 2014. 

British Home Children in Canada

Rebecca Hammond died as a young teen. Her grave site has never been found. 

The Children buried in Russell, Manitoba
Buried here are Alf. W.L. Renwick, died May 25, 1896 age 18 George Williams, died Aug 15, 1898, age 23 Ernest Warrington, died June 18, 1901, age few Hours John Underwood, died March 23, 1903, age 19 Erected by the rural Municipality of Russell To Commemorate Manitoba's 100th anniversary of her entry into confederation 1870 Manitoba 1970 

Christ Church burial grounds in Hamilton Cemetery
Flowers left by the BHCARA for Lizzie Bellman on behalf of her family in the UK

ACKERMAN, Emely (aged 15) buried May 6, 1890 in Lot 61; ELLIOTT, George (aged 19) buried April 22, 1891 in Lot 62; HAMPSON, Mary J. (age 19) buried January 1, 1893 in Lot 62; BELLMAN, Lizie (age 11) buried February 9, 1894 in Lot 61; JONES, William (age 21) buried February 18, 1894 in Lot 61; and WILSON, John (age 18) buried February 1, 1899 in Lot 61.

Fegan Children who perished

Name: Thomas George Alden Gender: Male Birth Year: abt 1878 Birth Place: England Age at Death: 16 Death Date: 19 Oct 1894 Death Place: Oxford, Ontario, Canada - accidentally killed, no burial site given. 

Name: Arthur Bale Gender: Male Birth Year: abt 1878 Birth Place: England Age at Death: 20 Death Date: 11 Aug 1898 Death Place: York, Ontario, Canada

Maria Rye Plot in the St. Marks Anglican Church Cemetery, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada.

DAVIS, Mary, 16 (died October 12, 1884);
 KAREY, Ethel, 11 (died June 6, 1888);
FERRIS, Ada, 15 (died June 16, 1885; BAYLEY, Emily, 75 (died December 14,1922),Matron, Western Home; RADLEY, Herbert, 2, (died February 13, 1870);
SCHOFIELD, Elizabeth, 21 (died February 2, 1871); NEWBOLD, Caroline, 14 (died August 18, 1873); HUTCHINS, Edith, 17 (died June 28, 1873);
LUCAS, Elizabeth, 16 (died December 21, 1874); WARD, Sarah, 12 (died April 8, 1881); PORTER, (only the name here and no stone).

Image Credit: The Toronto Star

Park Lawn Cemetery, Toronto, Ontario

Nellie Fern - died October 27, 1907

Nellie was a "home girl" living with George Kraemer as her guardian. Born in England, died in Fullarton township of Perth county. Daughter of William Fern, sister to William, George, Lizzie, Lucy and Mabel.
Source: Lorna McMahon

Birth: Apr. 12, 1870, England Death: Apr. 30, 1887 Ontario, Canada William Maryan (Marion) was a British Home Child sent from Barnardo's Ratcliffe,London, England, Home for Working and Destitute Lads. He arrived in Quebec 25 Jun 1883, aboard the Polynesian with Barnardos. According to the record's from Barnardo's William drown in a lake near Lansdowne, Ontario, Canada, and was buried in the Caintown Cemetery. Photo credit: CMOgilvie Find A Grave.

Our BHC Angel Babies 
Children born and died of BHC girls 

Annie Gill - (Gille) infant daughter of Emma Gill. Emma returned to England after the death of her daughter. Annie died  Dec 31, 1911.

Emily Harper - infant daughter of Elizabeth Harper who died April 13th 1912. 

Bruce Watling - infant son of  Sarah Jane Watling who died in May of 1913.

William Smith - infant son of who died  Jan. 20, 1912. He is buried at Park Lawn Cemetery in Toronto, exact location unknown.

Baby Boy Taylor - infant son of Mary Taylor, burial unknown. 

Baby Boy Ray - infant son of Dorothy Ray. Dorothy also died, her baby buried in Park Lawn and Dorothy in the Propect Cemetery, Toronto. 

Kenneth Parris - infant son of Hilda Paris, died Sept 8, 1913, buried at Park Lawn, Toronto. 

William Henry Smith - infant son of Sarah Smith.   Born May 6, 1911, Died Jan. 25, 1912

William Oakley - infant who died Nov 1 1913 - buried at Park Lawn, Toronto

Evelyn Wright - died May 4 1918, infant daughter of Maud Wright. Evelyn is buried in Park Lawn Cemetery. 

Muriel Joyce Howard - infant daughter of Violet Howard She died April 10, 1926 and is buried in Park Lawn Cemetery. 

Christopher Hobbs - infant son of Agnus Hobbs. He died June 23 1902 and is buried in the Park Lawn Cemetery, Toronto. 

Minnie Jepson -  Infant daughter of BHC Minnie Jepson Born August 17 1910 Died August 18 1910, buried in Park Lawn Cemetery, Toronto.

James Smith -  Infant son of Alice Smith died April 9 1920 at 23 days old, buried at Park Lawn Cemetery.

Ernest Allan - Infant son of BHC Kate Allan, born July 16 1895 Died August 19 1895 of convulsions, buried at the Park Lawn Cemetery, Toronto.

Christopher Wilson - Infant died September 28 1895 Infant son of BHC Margaret Wilson born November 10 1894 Died September 28 1895 and is buried in the Park Lawn Cemetery, Toronto.

James Shipley - Infant died July 25, 1896 infant son of BHC Martha Shipley, buried at Park Lawn Cemetery, Toronto. 

Charles Cooper - Infant died August 19, 1896 Charles Ernest Cooper Born: Toronto Died August 19 1896 Toronto age 2 months, buried in Park Lawn Cemetery, Toronto.

Elsie Sayer - Infant died May 26 1897 Infant daughter of BHC Jessie Sayer Died May 26 1897 at 3 months old, buried at Park Lawn Cemetery, Toronto.

Lily Maile - Infant died Aug 11 1900, infant daughter of Jane Maile. She is buried in Park Lawn Cemetery, Toronto. 

Ethel Day - Infant, died May 30 1912, daughter of Ethel Day who also passed away. Baby is in the Park Lawn plot, mom's burial location is unknown. 

John Kerridege -  infant died Jan 25, 1913, son of Florence Kerridge who arrived in Canada in 1905. 

William Stewart - infant son of Ethel Stewart. Both Mother and son died, William on Nov 25 1912 and Ethel on November 29 1912. 

Beatrice Foorwood - infant daughter of Alice Foorwood died May 24, 1901 at 147 Bathhurst Street, Toronto. 2 months old. 

William Stewart
Died November 11 1912 4 days old - son of Ethel  Stewart, who also died from the birth. William was buried with his mother in the Park Lawn Cemetery.

Emma Newell - infant daughter of Emma Newell, who also died in this birth. Baby was buried  in the Mount Pleasant Cemetery Cemetery Section and Lot Childs Poor Interment 309, Mom who had died earlier, was buried at Park Lawn Cemetery. 

John Vaughan, buried in the Pine Hill Cemetery in Scarborough, Ontario in a common grave, buried with John Henry Mills who died on 2 Sep 1938 of a bowl obstruction. John Vaughan died on July 27th 1934. 

10 Nov 1910 
Boy Hung Himself

Francis Box, a home boy, who has worked on the Thos. H. Johnston farm at Boston for two years, hung himself Tuesday afternoon.

He was found hanging from a hay rack lifter at the top of the barn.

The boy had been acting queer for two or three days, but nothing was thought of it until was found dead. There is no doubt his mind was deranged.

A representantive of the Home and 

Dr. R. J. Teeter, coroner, made an investigation yesterday morning

Charles Thomas BULPITT - died December 22, 1923, in Colborne, Ontario, Canada. Suicide by hanging, arrived August 4, 1923, Liverpool Sheltering Home.

The Children buried in the Little Lake Cemetery, Peterborough, Ontario 
 Ada Sophia Barker 1878-1896  Rhoda Griggs 1888-1901 Esther Mary Rondeau 1872 1895  Louisa Boyle 1877-1894 Alice M Rodgers 1881-1897  Hetty Hart 1884-1896  Alice Hartfield 1890-1909 Jane Buddle 1888-1898 Jane Wilson 1891-1902 Eleanor Thomas 1888-1904 Emily Coombe 1888-1908 Isabella Bidwell 1896-1920  Emily Hilda Thompson 1900-1920 May Dorothy Phillips 1901-1920 Bert Emmerson 1909-1934 Mary Knight 1892-1911 Teresa Knott 1890-1911 Hilda Gertrude Wright 1898-1913 May Brindley - 1892-1913 Lillian Tarrant 1900-1913 Rosina Brockley 1903-1914 Alfred William Pennicard - 1900-1914  Lena Bates 1901-1914 Catherine Shaw - 1871-1889 Harriet Sophia Bealey - 1872-1888 Peter Devin 1874-1887 George Beagle 1868-1885 Ellen Robinson 1887-1896 Eliza Pope 1875-1893 Henritta Philamore 1869-1890 Mary Davis 1874-1888 Edith Burrows 1885-1896 Isabella Richards 1873-1889 Elizabeth Birch 1877-1889 Mary Lea Plant - 1895-1907 Ivy Plant - 1896-1913 Alice Curtis 1896-1908 Dorothy Hamilton Balfe Tait 1890-1904  Cissy Lynds 1892-1905 Ellen Louisa Stokes - 1887-1903 Alice Hastie 1887-1904 Ada Annie Pearch - 1889-1903 Ada  Annie Cobear 1891-1909 Elizabeth Parker 1892-1903 Agnes Lloyd 1893-1909 Bertha Pickering 1879-1896  

Dorothy Ray - Unmarked grave in the Prospect Cemetery , Toronto
She died shortly after giving birth to a baby boy who died from the difficult delivery. "Baby Boy Ray" was buried in a different cemetery, Park Lawn. 

Quarrier grave marker in the Oakland Cemetery, Brockville, Ontario

George Allison (acute pancreatitis) 1889-1905, Elizabeth Allison 1876-1906, Mary Murray ( meningitis)1889-1906, Barbara Gillespie 1892-1907, Maggie McCormack 1889-1910, Grace Drummond 1902-1916, Christina Mitchell 1889-1918, Mary McQue 1979-1898, Martha Black 1883-1898, , George Wheeler 1884-1898, Duncan McFarlane 1884-1899, Jane McCoudie 1879-1899, Maggie Meechan 1886-1900, Nellie Henderson 1881-1902, Maggie GR Fraser 1889-1904, Alfred Dodds 1875-1894, Susan Stewart 1875-1894, Robert Mackie 1878-1896, Annie Miller 1872-1896, John McInnes 1876-1896, Jemina Riddell 1883-1897, Lucy Brown 1875 - 1897, Lizzie Halden 1878-1888, James Aligie 1871-1889, Hannah Robinson 1877-1830, Bella Henderson 1867-1880, Jane A. McKay 1874-1892, Marian Marlin 1875-1893, James Moore 1878-1893, Marian Mason 1875-1898, William Burns 1890-1905

Albert McCarthy was buried in this grave yard in Tuxford, Saskatchewan. Not only was his grave unmarked, his name was not even recorded in the burial records. Just a note that a child had been buried. There were three such burials in this cemetery of children without names. 

Notre-Dame des Neiges, Quebec - Arnold Walsh. Exact location of his grave is unknown. 
British Home Children in Canada

St. Peter's Cemetery, Prospect Street, Sherbrooke Quebec

Buried here are: Robert Dix, Arthur William Gibson, Robert Hampton, Henry Reginal Young

Edward Adderley was buried in the Mt.Hope Cemetery in Boston after he fell on the ship and died. 

Other children lost - burial sites unknown: Whittle, Elijah, William H. Hartley, , John Kenyon, Stanley Collins, George Kirkham, John Wilson, Harry Salcombe, Walter Bryenton, James Eddington, Charles Hope, William John Ashworth, Edwin Priest, Johnnie Powell, William Oliver Stephens, Fred Phillips

Arthur S. BALE, –1898, BIRTH England, DEATH 2 AUG 1898 • Toronto,  Fegan

Alfred J. Day, –1899, BIRTH England, DEATH 1899 • Ontario, Canada

Robbie Grey, a six year old child brought to Canada just months prior would perish in the  January 1872 fire at the Belville, Ontario Marchmount MacPherson Home. Burial not known. 

George Green, Big Bay Cemetery - outside of Owen Sound,
 Grave unmarked for 118 years. 

Hugh McLaren - died September 24 1885 ruled an "accidental death" in Grey County, Ontario, 12 years old, arrived 1879, Quarriers

Clarence Martin - died March 1897 Suicide by hanging in Binbrook township, Ontario, 21 years of age

George Kirkham - died June 1892 of drowning

Samuel CUMMINGS - died Aug 31 1901 of Suicide by Paris Green, 10 years old, arrived March 1901, Barnardo's 

Emily White -  died November 21 1901, York, Ontario, of Choloisis,   16 years old. Arrived 1900-10-06, Barnardo's.

Cecil RATLEY - died July 8 1903, accidentally shot himself (Suicide suspected) in Elgin, Ontario, aged 13 years. Arrived May 20 1901 Annie MacPherson. 

Mabel BELL - died January 30 1906 of Suicide by gunshot,  aged 14 years, arrived June 11 1904, Quarriers

Vincent Shotton -  died Sept 4 1903, drowned, Huntsville, Ontario, aged 13, arrived September 27 1901, Barnardo's

John Jones - died July 29 1907, Haldimand, Ontario, Suicide by Paris Green, 15 years old

George Cornell or Cornall - died April 5 1909, Muskoka, Ontario, Meningitis, 11 years old, arrived March 7 1909, Barnardo's 

William ROWE - died June 12 1909 of heart failure at the Avon Road Macpherson Home in Stratford, Ontario, 12 years old, arrived May 8 1903, Annie MacPherson

Frank Freeman Newman - died through Suicide, in Chatham, Ontario, 15 years old. Arrived March 5 1907 Barnardo's

George F Parks - died August 18 1909 of indigestion, Death certificate states he was a Barnardo child. 11 years old.

Clifford Olser - died Aug 31 1909 of toxic poisoning in Simcoe, Canada. The death record said he was a boy from the Knowlton Home adopted by Mr. Bell.

Dalton PROUDLOCK - died Sept 20 1910 in Coldwater, Ontario of drowning, 13 years old, arrived July 20 1907, Barnardo's

Jessie SMITH - died October 14 1910 after an operation, 15 years old, arrived Aug 8 1908, Barnardo's

Charles Goldsmith - died March 7 1911, Portsmouth, Frontenac, Ontario, of Suicide by hanging, 28 years old. Arrived May 2 1886, National Children's Home. 

Arthur Walker  - died May 2 1911, York, Ontario,  of rheumatism , 14 years old, arrived June 10 1910, Barnardo's

Charles Samuel WEBSTER - died May 8 1911, Essex, Ontario, Stroke, 14 years old,  arrived 1908-08-08, Barnardo's

George HADDER - died May 15 1911 of a brain tumor, at the Fegan Home in Toronto,  16 years old. Arrived May 12 1906, Fegan Homes.

George HORNBY - died May 27 1911, Port Hope, Ontario,  drowned, 17 years old. Arrived March 1901, Barnardo's.

Arthur Kitching - died July 13 1911, Ontario of drowning,  14 years old. Arrived August 11 1906, Barnardo's.

James WATSON - died Nov 17 1911, abscess of the brain in Carleton, Ontario, 16 years old, arrived June 3 1906 Barnardo's

Florence Walker - died Feb 2 1912 at 50 Peter Steet (Barnardo's Home) Toronto, Ontario, Tuberculosis, 14 years old, two Florence Walkers arrived with Barnardo's, unclear which girl died. 

William J CHARNLEY - died April 26 1912, in Grey County, Ontario, of heart failure, 14 years old, arrived June 3 1906, Barnardo's

Mabel May Slater - died June 10 1912,in Welland, Ontario of Typhoid, 13 years old, arrived 1910-08-05, Barnardo's.

Emily RODDEN - died June 24 1912 in Brantford, Ontario of apendix, 17 years old. Arrived May 13 1905, Church of England Waifs & Strays

Albert ADAMS - died July 8 1912 in Toronto, Ontario, drowned, 18 years of age. Arrived May 8 1911 organization unknown. 

James Canrad CARTON - died Sept 10 1912 of Tuberculosis at the Barnardo Home on Peter Street in Toronto, 18 years of age. Arrived March 18 1910, Barnardo's. 

Ethel CROME - died Sept 26 1912 of Mastiditis in Toronto, Ontario, 17 years old, arrived March 11 1911, sending organization unknown.

Rosa Georgena Gilbert - died November 8 1912 of tuberculosis in St. Catherine's Ontario, 14 years old, arrived June 7 1907 with Maria Rye. Remark on the death certificate "A bright young life ended"

Norman George FAIRHEAD - died Dec 30 1912 of typhoid in Simcoe, Ontario, 17 years old. Arrived June 10 1911 organization unknown.

Fred Richardson - died Feb 1913 gun shot to the temple, not clear if suicide or not at Totogo, Manitoba

Louisa BUTTER - died August 13 1913 in Lincoln, Ontario of Typhoid, 15 years old, arrived 1910-07-29, Annie Macpherson

Albert James AYERS - died Aug 20 1913 in Toronto, Ontario, struck by a train, 14 years old,  arrived Oct 1908, Barnardo's 

Harry Salcombe - died December 2 1913, accidently shot, 17 years old.

Margaret Healey - died Jul. 25, 1917 through Suicide by drowning in Ottawa, 16 years old, arrived September 29 1912 Catholic Emigration Association

Johnny Frederick William Payne - died January 27 1924 through Suicide by paris green in Toronto Ontario , 16 years of age, arrived March 27 1921, Barnardo's 

Walter Bryant - died January 26 1928, trampled by horses, 17 years old, arrived 1924, Barnardo's

Harold Aimes died in Saskatchewan Nov 13 1901 - burial unknown, Fegan's

Thomas Alden died in a gravel pit - 19 Oct 1894, Ingersoll, Ontario

Alfred Onslow - arrived in 1904 with Barnardo's, drowned August 2 1907 in Lennox and Addington, Ontario,

Ethel Day - DOD Mar 19, 1912 and about 22 years old. Suspicious baby death at this time, named Ethel Day as well. 

Leslie Few - DOD January 2 1915, 17 years old, fell from a silo. National Children's Home boy.

Francis Box - DOD Nov 1910 - Suicide - 13 years old. Hung

Wilfred Edward Britton - buried in the Cemetery Prospect Cemetery, 21 years old at death.

Maud Humphries - Birth: 1892, England Death: Feb. 19, 1904 Whitby Durham Regional Municipality Ontario, Canada. Died of Brights Disease / Meningitis at 15 years old.

John McGeoch - Birth: 1868, Scotland Death: Jun. 24, 1883 Lifford Kawartha Lakes Municipality Ontario, Canada

Alfred Anslow - drowned in 1907 at the age of 18.

Ursula Maud PEARCE (aka Maud Ursula ) died by accidental drowning, 18 years old, 

William RILEY - 9 years old, drowned

Elizabeth Ricketts - died age 13, lightening strike. Jul. 10, 1910

Frederick RICHARDSON  - died age 15, shotgun wounds Feb. 1, 1913 in Manitoba.

George Allan Williams -  Died Aug. 15, 1898, 23 years old, Manitoba.

Annie RICHARDSON - died age 12, 1908, post-operative, Toronto; Waifs & Strays

John QUINLAN - (d. 1888) (died age 14, accidental drowning)

Dalton PROUDLOCK - (d. 1920) (died age 13, Accidental Drowning)

Edwin Priest - died age 14, accidental drowning, Manitoba

Denis Thomas SCOTT - died age 9, accidental gunshot

James SHERIDAN  -  died age 8 in 1887, cause not given on death registration

Vincent SHOTTON - died age 13, drowned while bathing

Rose SHUFFILL - died age 13, registered as SHEFFIELD, 1890

Arthur SKEGGS - Place of death: Sherbrooke Hospital Age: 16   Apr. 14, 1906

William James Pippand - arrived in  1898 with Fegans, died January 1 1905 in Welland, Niagara Falls Ontario of an accident, aged 17 years. 

 William Dove Age at Death: 18 Birth Date: abt 1879 Death Date: 16 Jun 1897 Death Place: Wpg, Manitoba, Canada, Barnardo's. 

LEWIS Daniel 1897 Barnardo's July 1897 - Ups and Downs Came Carthaginian April 1892. Died Winnipeg General Hospital. Illness.

BROOKE Maggie - Arrived: 19 OCT 1893, returned to England where she died 11 August 1899

Thomas BURNHAM - Arrived: 29 May 1921 Died: 10 Jul 1932 (likely in Nova Scotia), drowned at 18 years old

Laura CAMPBELL - Arrived 25 JUL 1870 Maria Rye. Died: Died 1870-1878 - between 25 JUL 1870 arrival in Canada and Maria Rye's 1878 Report. LIKELY Death Registration (NOT confirmed): Ontario Death Registration: 29 SEP 1874; Essex, Ontario; age at death given as either 16 yrs 9 mths 27 days -or- 10 yrs 9 mths 27 days; born London, England.

Harry Bazeley - arrived in 1901 with the National Children's Homes, died in 1902 of TB, burial unknown.

 Wilhelmina Jane BUCKHAM - arrived in 1905 with the Dr. Barnardo Homes, died Sept 3 1895 at the home of  Mr. and Mrs. McKessock of Strathavon  of a brain tumor. 13 years old. 

Eleanor CLAPHAM - arrived in 1909 with Louisa Birt, died  APRIL 13 1910 • Knowlton, Quebec, Canada. 

DOWNHAM, Richard - Agency: Barnardo's Arrived: 15 SEP 1895, age 6 Died: 17 JUL 1896, age 6 Buried: Huntsville, Barnardo's

DOWNHAM, Ernest Mark - Died March 1899, Brandon General Hospital, aged 19, Barnardo's

DOWNHAM, George - Died May 27 1922, Tillsonburg, Ontario, 18 years old, drowned, Barnardo's 

Edith Nicholls - Died by apparent exposure in October of 1908, arrived with Dr. Barnardo in 1906.

Henry Feldwick - Died Aug. 25, 1876 Chippawa Niagara Regional Municipality after an attack by a bull

Emma Innes - Death Date: 28 Sep 1900 Death Place: Frontenac, Ontario, Canada Cause of Death: Heart Disease

Edmund FRANCIS - 1885, age 11 Agency: Fegan Died: 02 JUL 1890 Died: Age 16 (18 on death reg.) Died: Niagara River Cause: Drowned while bathing (death reg.)

Jean Baptiste Fourneaux (or FOURNIER) Arrived: 05-APR-1884, Parisian Agency: Barnardo Died age: abt. 15 Died: 1897, Georgian Bay Cause: Drowning Ref: Ups & Downs on LAC (1900 ref: to 3 years prior

Francis Henry Foss Arrived: Died at Sea (May 1923 voyage) Agency: Middlemore Died: May 1923 Died Age: 12 Died: On board SS Scythia Ref: LAC, Middlemore Settlement report 

Henry (Harry) FOSKETT Arrived: 1912 Agency: Fegan Died: 13 March 1914 Died: Toronto General Hospital Cause: Acute Oletis Media [ear infection] Cause: Septicaemia Toxaemia Ref: LAC, Fegan entry FaG: Not found, 15 years old

Emma FLINT Died: 28 JAN 1900 (age: 19 or 20) Arrived: 22 OCT 1892, Barnardo Cause: Pneumonia (sick since Summer 1898)

Richard FITZ arrived: 02 APR 1888, Fegan's died: 20 APR 1888 in Toronto of TB age 15

Henry FINCH, arrived 1904, with Fegans, died 1908. Cause: Biliousness

Herbert Pool - arrived in May of 1897, died August 1897 - 

William Oliver STEVENS
Toronto Star Wednesday, May 22, 1912 POINTED GUN IN FUN, KILLED PLAYFELLOW Twelve-Year-Old Lad Accidentally Pulled Trigger on Boy of Same Age THEY WERE OUT SHOOTING Port Hope, May 22.--Everett Yates, 12 years old, shot and instantly killed his companion of the same age, Oliver Stevens, while the lads were shooting ground hogs yesterday afternoon. The boys went fishing in the afternoon, but their luck was poor, and they got a rifle for the purpose of shooting groundhogs. Yates pointed the rifle at Stevens in fun and accidentally pulled the trigger. The boy fell and died almost instantly. Yates at once ran to his employer, E. Corbett, and Dr. Beattie, of Garden Hill, was called. The boy's body was taken to his father's home nearby, and Coroner Aldrich will hold an inquest.

Children buried in the Park Lawn Cemetery in Toronto

John P. Wilson, Sarah Waters, Charles Jenkins, William Rowland, Albert Robinson, Walter KILLICK, Emily White, Lillie ?, Charles Steyles, Lillie Mullen , Charlie Cooper, William Lane, Hilda Jackson, William Harrison, Frederick Wm Ambrose, Arthur Walker, Florence Green Walker, Wallace Vincent Cooter, Albert John Smith, Eric Carter Hall, Ethel Stewart, Alfred George Foster Mills, Mary Bird, Randolph Butcher, Francis Woodward, Sidney Tope, GEORGE HIRST, Leopold Basstett, John Bolton, Walter Henry Knight, James Conrad Carton, Richard Wilson, Harold Mayson, Arthur Rabbitts, Lily Miller, Bertie Reginald Stubbs, Nellie Newman , Margaret Pike, James Glennie,Charlotte Yard, George William Owens , Mabel Creasy, Edward Haynes, William George Denyer, Emma Newell, William Oakley, Charles Bradbury, Benjamin Butterworth, Martha McGibbon, Mable Annie Jimpson , Mary Whitticar, Florence Carswell, Walter Beardmore, Stanley Leslie Allebone About a dozen infants of Home Girls are buried in this plot as well.