John Page

John Thomas Page Jr - Jack

Our Grandfather John Thomas (Jack) Page Jr. 1894-1943 Jack was born in Norwich and was sent to Canada twice by Barnardo's to work as a farm labourer. He was taken in care when he was five and boarded out to Mellis and then sent to an orphanage in London where he was then sent to Canada in 1904 when he was 10, he was not treated very well as he was sick and could not work, he had an operation and was sent back to England. He was sent to Canada again in 1908 when he was 14 where he finally ended up on The Kirkwood family farm near Georgetown Ontario. The Kirkwood family treated him well and he remained close with them for the rest of his life, his only child was our father John Kirkwood (Kirk) Page, 1930-1997 When Jack first got to the Kirkwood's a cat would claw his legs at the table every night and he did not tell the family because he was scared the would get mad and send him away. He joined the Blackwatch when he was 20 and went overseas for WW1. Jack was in the transport unit where he would carry supplies to the front with a horse and wagon and take the wounded away, he was wounded and spent time in England where he met some of his family in Norwich and was told that his youngest sister (Nellie) was also a home child in Canada. . When dad was small Jack worked as an insurance investigator for George Kirkwood who called dad his namesake. Jack's trade was a butcher and had his own shop for awhile and lived on Centre Island in Toronto and moved to St. Thomas and then back to Toronto. Dad lost his mother when he was four and they moved back to Toronto, he went to Williamson road school and his Principal was Sergeant Major Victory who served with Jack in the Blackwatch, so anything he did Jack found out right away. Jack found his sister Nellie who was living in North Bay after the war. Jack was very generous with his family and friends, he bought a house for one of his brother's in law in Peterborough and paid for dad's cousins to go to summer camp one year. Jack was a trainer for a soccer team and dad remembers hanging out with the players and going with Jack to Maple leaf gardens where he said everyone knew Jack. Jack was kicked by a horse and never fully recovered, he died in February 1943. Jack's Grand Kids are: Clayton (Tommy) Sweatland, John (Johnny) Page 1958-2013, Laura Melanson, Michael Page, Cameron (Cam) Page, and Robert (Bobby) Page Jack's Great Grand Kids are: Erin Amon, Jason Melanson, Nathaniel Sabean, Alan Robicheau, and Bryan Robicheau Jack's Great Great Grand kids are: Malachi Sabean and Mackenzie Melanson