Lily Crockford

LILY ETHEL CROCKFORD 1891-1983 MABEL MAY CROCKFORD 1892-1933 THE BACKGROUND ON THE SQUARE AND ON THIS SHEET, is part of a tablecloth that my Grandmother, Lily Crockford crocheted during her lifetime. She was known for her crocheting of tablecloths, doilies, pillowcases, and other items. Many items were bought and were shipped world wide as gifts. THERE WAS A THIRD SISTER, VIOLET, who was not sent to Canada but stayed in the Home System in England, working as a domestic. In 1919, after World War I ended, Lily and Mabel sponsored Violet to come to Canada and the three sisters were reunited. Nothing else was known of the family until many years after my Grandmother Lily's death, research began into her family and the discovery was made of the British Home Child connections. For several years, the only family names were that of her parents. Gradually, as more research was done, more family was added to the family tree and the results were a bit overwhelming. "THERE ARE 3 HALF BROTHERS AND SISTERS FROM HER MOTHER REMARRYING " THERE ARE 7 HALF BROTHERS AND SISTERS FROM HER FATHER REMARRYING " HAVE RECENTLY FOUND A FOURTH SISTER ALICE MAUDE CROCKFORD " ON THE TRAIL OF POSSIBLY A FIFTH SISTER LOUISE " HER FATHER AND GRANDPARENTS WERE BORN IN IRELAND There was never any mention of any other sisters. There was never anything mentioned about the BHC connections. My Grandmother harboured a lifetime of hurts and anger that were never resolved. While I was working on my family's history while my Grandmother was alive, she indicated that "Whatever I found out about her family history, she didn't want to know" This seemed odd to me but I respected her wishes. I wish I had found all this out while she was alive and maybe at lot of questions that I have, would have been answered and perhaps most of all she could have had some healing and could have moved on. The full story will come out in the book that I am working on of my Grandmother and her sisters` story. Contact is: Dan Oatman, 5 Velma Street, Strathroy, N7G 3L2