Charles Thomas Bullpitt

CHARLES THOMAS BULPITT “CHARLIE, AS I WRITE THESE WORDS, AS I TRY TO TELL YOUR STORY, I WANT TO PUT THE PIECES BACK TOGETHER TO SAY THAT YOU WERE IMPORTANT. YOU CHANGED HISTORY. YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN.” Ruth Page, UK- niece Last year, relatives from the UK visited Goderich and Colborne, Ontario, where Charlie is buried. He is not forgotten. Charles was a BHC who lives in the memories of many people, not just descendants, but everyone who has learned about the cruel & abusive experiences he endured. Reports from family relatives say that his parents Alice Emily (SMITH) & Andrew Sidney BULPITT (b.1880 – d. 1908) had a happy life with their children Walter (1905), Hilda and Charlie, living in Southampton, Hampsire, UK. After Sidney’s drowning death in 1908 (quote from a relative) “ had the family been helped financially there would have been no need for him to be taken away. He was not orphaned or abandoned, neither was he illegitimate. He came from a loving family. I believe his loss has filtered down through the family.” Charlie was b. January 19, 1907, a year before his father died. He attended school (unable to locate it) learning Spanish, French & Math. He was admitted to the Barnardo’s Liverpool Sheltering Home for a very short time (1923?), then with no money left England July 27, 1923, on the S.S. Megantic with 48 other children, arriving in Quebec, August 4, 1923. Barnardo’ papers given to his relatives stated Charlie was looking forward to the opportunity for self improvement in Canada. The children’s destination was the Marchmont Home, Belleville, Ontario. He was a ward of this home & the superintendent was his legal guardian. Shortly after his arrival Charlie was posted to the farm of J. Benson COX near Goderich, Ontario, who was considered a suitable employer. Charlie had a small frame (90 pounds) & was expected to do heavy physical labour. Charlie committed suicide by hanging, December 22, 1923, & is buried in the Colborne, Ontario, cemetery. “The London Times, Saturday, Feb. 2, 1924. Mr. J. Benson COX, the employer of Charles BULPITT, the 16 year old English boy who hanged himself on a farm in Huron County, has been charged with assault and with beating the boy and has been sentenced to two months imprisonment in Goderich gaol. The defence admitted frequent whippings but claimed the right of punishment on the ground that the boy was an apprentice. The magistrate ruled that the boy was not an apprentice but was hired at $75.00 a year and that COX had no right to lay hands on him” NOTE: At the time the quilt was assembled, we did not have a photo of Charlie. The photo on the quilt is of his brother Walter. Charlie is in the photo to the right, supplied by his family, Sheila Vera Green.