2016 Showings of the 2016 BHCARA BHC Memory Quilt

Erin Ontario - our first official event of the 2016 season and the first public showing of the memory quilt

2016 Showings

March 17, 2016  
Erin, Ontario Legion

Our best event in 4 years! 200 people showed up! 

Orillia Public Library - April 2016

Orillia, Ontario - the White Lions Tea House.

May 1 2016

Fundraising English Tea. Queen Victoria was present to speak to our guests.

Fire still burns as author seeks truth to troubling past

Kate Grigg, Special to the Packet & Times Thursday, April 21, 2016 6:28:28 EDT PM

Dawn Sheppard with her Grandmother's square

Kae Oatman with the quilt - her Mom has a square

Former MP Jim Brownell with is Grandmother's page in our quilt book.

British Home Child themed Jolly Tours excursion April 2016

Lori Oschefski and Patricia Lynn Moore 

England May 2016

First stop was in Gillingham, Kent where the quilt was displayed in a 15th century pub. BHC  William Cheesman's nephew perished in a terrible tragedy there in 1929.  In 2011, his granddaughter Lori Oschefski won the campaign to  have a monument installed in the park where the tragedy happened. Visit: www.firemanswedding.weebly.com for informatin

Our second UK showing was in the Barnardo's Barkingside Girls Village, Essex, England. Barkingside is where many of the BHC - mostly girls - were housed before coming to Canada. Many children on the quilt would have attended church services here.  For more information on Barkingside visit: 
British Home Children in Canada

Barnardo's staff with our BHCARA members

A vintage photo of the Children's church

The quilt on the alter steps

Mark McKinley

The Comber Musuem's display at the  Toldo  Library at  New Atlas Tube Centre, Belle River, ON May 2016,

Photo credit: Dawn Heuston

Unveiling of the quilt with Mark Mckinlay and Mayor  Mayor Tom Bain 

Three descendants with squares on the quilt were present

Organizers Mark McKinlay and Dawn Heuston

Dawn Heuston designed the Morris Children square, on which is the Mother and Uncle of World War II Veteran, Tpr. Len Brown. Dawn arranged a private showing for Len, who was visibly overcome with emotions upon seeing his family's square on the quilt for the first time.

Milner Heritage House, Chatham, Ontario, Canada
May 27 - June 3 2016

D-Day dedication service
June 4 2016
Remembrance Gardens, London, Ontario, Canada

BHC George Beardshaw with BHCD Len Brown

Following the service at the Memorial Gardens in London, Ontario, BHC George Beardshaw gets a close up look at his square on the quilt. Prior to today, he had no idea he had a square, a surprise for George and his wonderful wife Emma.

George Beardshaw in front of the BHC Honour Roll plaque which he attended the unveiling of with BHC descendant Don Cherry.

(Left to right): Inspector Andrew Cowan, RCMP London Detachment, George Beardshaw, Second World War Veteran and a British Home Child who served with the Queen’s Own Rifles Veteran and Trooper Len Brown, 17th DYRCH (Duke of York's Royal Canadian Hussars) and formerly with the 30th Recce Essex Tank Regiment, LCdr Sean Batte, Commanding Officer HMCS Prevost.

Stratford, Ontario June 5 2016

Lunch and speaker event at the Rivival House hosted by the Stratford Perth branch of Architectural Conservancy Ontario

A former residence for Home Children in Stratford open for Heritage Weekend

By Laura Cudworth, The Beacon Herald

Rotary Club Etobicoke 

The quilt at the Dakeyne Boys Farm in Falmouth

Halifax, Nova Scotia 
Pier 21 event

At Peggy's Cove

Beryl Young speaking at the Pier 21 event

At the Human Rights Museum in Winnipeg

In Russell, Manitoba 

Winnipeg August 2016 

By the brass doors at the CPR Train Station

The site of the Barnardo Training Farm in Russell

2016 Folklorama - the UK Pavilion

Descendants Mary and Pat seeing their family

Two descendants whose family came here

Orillia Public Library Remembrance event, over 400 students attended!

Below Susan Hall helps with the exhibit, to the right our Quilter JoAnn Clark also helping with the event!